Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My 10 Favorite Sports to Watch

I'm too lazy to play sports, but I like watching. These are some of my favorite sports to watch:

  • snowmobiling (This is awesome to watch on TV. Plus I'll ride one if it isn't too cold outside.)
  • hockey (This is quite exciting to watch on TV, but I usually miss seeing the goals scored.)
  • gymnastics (One of my favorite sports in the Summer Olympics.)
  • basketball (I like tuning in during March Madness. Go Gonzaga.)
  • horse jumping (My girls like watching this one, too.)
  • bull riding (It amazes me that guys will actually do this.)
  • figure skating (One of my favorite sports in the Winter Olympics.)
  • women's soccer (What can I say. Women playing soccer is cool.)
  • baseball (Brings back good memories of when I played softball as a kid.)
  • ballroom dancing (I like tuning in to watch the yearly competition on PBS.)


Video: Are You Good Enough for Heaven? with Kirk Cameron


Redness said...

Love your variety of sports - and bull riding - YeeHaaa ;)

Joyce said...

My high school girls play on the school team. That's one of our favorite sports as well. :)

Joyce said...

Guess I should say what sport: soccer. :P

pjd said...

Women's soccer--apart from the Swedes, who often play like bulldozers, I love the flow of women's soccer. Typically the play is more team oriented and clever and less pure athleticism, though there's a lot of that, too.

Amberleigh said...

ballroom dancing is so much fun to watch!

frenchkys said...

1/10 in common; not bad. lol

Great list. Hope your Tuesday rocked. Cheers from Bangkok! ;)

lovesmukiwa said...

oh I forgot bull riding on my list of favorites to watch. I just laugh at the names of some of the bulls. I would like to be an announcer for that someday.